torsdag den 23. juli 2015

Divs babylon african bush tripping

Babylon African bush tripping

I open - @nd I for decades thinking to myself I was open or, "at least" that I wanted to be open....
Naah, writing this,  more specific, wanting to publish the insides of my life - we can call'em "bedroom talk" combined with a secret dairy put on video..
Who am I - born '89: name, Marco Enzo Lalicata, danish passport now only Marco Enzo - Facebook as "Jungle Man Catalyst"..
Hmm... And here I am texting as I think, breath, feel... Katrina is beside me in a bus for munich / munchen airport.
Katrina Rojas Gomez, the chronic psycodelic lady who wants to be normal, with this normal me, who wants to be psycodelic.. In other words, I am conciessly aware the fact we sit here, able to do wonders, and disasters, wanting to infuse these energies.. Something like hitler jvesus energies I imagine.
Anyway, we head for Italy, Sicily, where I want to make italian passport and withdraw some savings..
Why I started texting this memo on this tablet............
I made a video short moments ago, jumping out of frequenzy in the spiritual battle I was with Katrina. Turned camera on this tablet, said my frustration, and spinned the eye of the lenss towards katrina...!
MAGIC HAPPENNED! like magic of bring rain to the desert, and see plants come out..!
Like magic as light from a bonfire can illuminate a night camp and give the dark forest a lively glow and comfort feeling - now we can see clearly, now we feel in control. Wooouw :)
I have gone on frequencies before as,
.... Can come in another memo...

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