torsdag den 23. juli 2015

Babylon African bush tripping p. 2

Babylon african bush tripping pt.2

Talking about how I have dealt with uncomfortable energies..

# I used words, arguments, questions, tellings, pleasing, wanting to talk
# I have went away, fleed to easier frequenzies
# I have unleased my instict, went beserk and shown I am danger to bring confusion, lies, disstress, negativity, anger, vilence upon me!
# I have controlled the opposite energy by force, compressing the energy, and for a short period holded the negative blast fire on a minimum, not colladeral damage level
# I have by force used bondage and imprisonment to control opposite energy, to be able for communication as the subject (oh yes, it is Katrina) was subdued. Difficult to do it by myself, and still control.
# I have been screaming my disagreement to noise, to the world, sounding like.. Arrhh arhhh, every time noise sound was heard.
# I have been screaming directly leave me alone, and similar distress noise to stop noiseoffender
# I have been screaming, in response to negative energy, changing it to singing, and using sound and text within to bring my message. Hard to keep mediation.
# I have freestyled above solutions., kind of works best.
# I am giving people a real, & virtual, opportunity for insight in "this trip", I feel caught and choosen in, and thereby making more light upon my, and my opposit freqienzy, dark corners, our mental blockage, to archieve our enlightment.
# I have reflected hate.. Showing my hate for hate, and thereby been a mirror to what I felt.

No matter how dark I am, or have been (soulless), or how dark others are -
Light will always make it shine again

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